Beauty is a fiction used by multi-billion dollar industries to stir up envy and desire.
Advertising often creates dissatisfaction in order to achieve its purpose - it‘s easier to destroy than to create. With the rise of social media, the rates of anxiety and depression in young people have increased tremendously. It‘s hard to like yourself in a world which constantly seems to tell you that you are not enough. 

This project portrays the inner fight many people go through every day. The never-ending urge to be more beautiful, more interesting, more lovable. While there are many people doing amazing, positive and inspiring work, the majority of the media is still triggering our insecurities. 

I started this project to raise awareness for this topic and to remember people, that they are beautiful, interesting, lovable and ENOUGH.


Thank you to the amazing team behind this story!

Model: Asmara Cammock
Styling: Natália Gongora
Hair & Make-up: Daeun Jung

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