‚HIM‘ is a portrait of modern masculinity. I talked with nine guys from different cultures and backgrounds about their view on the changing perspective of manhood and gender roles in the modern world. They shared their experiences, opinions as well as hopes and dreams for the future. 

„I think there is no clear definition for masculinity. Not even for me. For sure it’s not the typical things like strength or confidence. It’s more about authenticity. I think a metrosexual person can be as masculine as a lumberjack or a mineworker. That’s why I would say it’s more about personality and being true to who you are.“ 
- Jonny

"We have so many things to express who we are and what we stand for. The way we dress, the way we talk, the way we act around other people. So I don’t really see the importance of male and female and things that are in between." - Martin

„There should be more acceptance for men that show feelings, are more feminine or experimental. A lot of men are still a bit reserved in that regard. In my environment people are really open about it, but there is definitely room for improvement.“ - Orkan


Thank you to all the boys for your trust, for opening up and being so inspiring!

In order of appearance: Martin, Jonny KippJoscha TetzlaffAbdullah Djibriel, Orkan Tan, Lukas Kreysler, RomanChris Kunzelmann

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